5 Ways to Easily Clean Up Your Diet


From returning back from Australia and moving back into my apartment where I’m in complete control of my diet, I’ve been switching things up and trying a new diet. Nothing that’s strict, or really limiting, but I have been switching to alternatives to animal products and eating more carbs. Before, I thought eating carbs would make me gain weight and make me feel sluggish. However, I feel like I’ve really been listening to my body and actually haven’t had the need to have that much caffeine because of all the energy I’m getting from carbs.

Below I’ve included some foods and drinks that I’ve switched and anyone can easily switch to make their diet a little more healthier and therefore feel better on the inside and out!

Almond Milk for Dairy Milk

The biggest change I’ve noticed is switching dairy milk to almond milk or any milk alternative in general. I chose almond milk because I personally like the taste more than any other milk alternative, but I also try to limit the amount of soy I put into my body. I didn’t really ever drink milk like as a beverage, or if I did, it wasn’t that often. If I ever had milk, it would be in cooking or making smoothies or adding some to my occasional bowl of oatmeal or cereal. It’s great and I never feel bloated or gross after having it like diary can make me feel.

Brown Rice Pasta for White Pasta

Brown rice is a complex carb, meaning it provides your body with a lot more nutrients and takes your body longer to break down, giving you more energy for a longer amount of time. White pasta is made up of simple sugars, which break down super quick, which gives you a burst of energy and then makes you crash hard. I love pasta and I eat it a lot. With eating brown rice pasta (something I even prefer more than white pasta), I’m fueling my body with good carbs that’s benefiting my body and giving me consistent energy throughout the day.

Fruit Water for Juice

Juice is full of sugar. Just because it says ‘fruit juice’ doesn’t mean it even contains fruit. Instead I like to add some fresh fruit such as berries or a couple of slices of lemon to a cold class of water. Water has so many health benefits for digestion, hair, skin and so much more. Adding the fruit to my water, has me drink more water throughout the day and stay hydrated, but also acts as a natural detox for my body. It still allows me to get the ‘fruity’ taste similar to juice that I love, but without the extra sugar, which is amazing.

Water Before Eating Breakfast

Along with having fruit water throughout the day, I like to start my day with a tall glass of water in the morning. I feel really good about water being the first thing I put in my body for the day. Not only does it help with digestion, but it also helps with boosting my energy like caffeine would.

Replacing Chips with Popcorn or Banana chips

When I crave potato chips, I’m really just craving something salty and crunchy. Popcorn is the perfect compromise. Popcorn is obviously delicious but it’s also a fairly healthy snack (if you skip out on the butter), and has a good amount of fiber. Banana chips are also a great alternative to potato chips if I’m just craving the crunch. I try to get banana chips with very minimal ingredients.

There are many different alternatives to ‘everyday’ food that anyone can switch up to make their diet a little healthier. These are just a few things that I’ve done and have seen tremendous changes in my energy levels and just how I feel overall. If you try out any of these alternative or how have any tips you do to eat healthier, comment them down below and share!

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