How to Instantly Get Motivated

    I’m the queen of procrastination and laying in bed watching Netflix for 3 days straight is my specialty. I tend to get into these funks every now and again (in the summer especially) where I know there’s things that I should be doing or that I want to do, but I can’t find the motivation to do them. I’m slowly overcoming these moments of funks, by combatting them with simple things that can slowly pull me out of bed, turn off the Netflix, and get stuff done.

    The first and the hardest thing is to get out of bed. Getting out of bed is instantly a huge step in the right direction. I already feel a little bit accomplished when I’m able to pull myself out of bed because hey it’s hard to do! I then have to make my bed so that I don’t jump back into the comfy covers.  Making my bed not only makes me feel like my space is cleaner and therefore my mind feels clearer, but it’s also another accomplishment that I can feel proud of.

    The next thing I do is make a to-do list. I love to-do lists and let’s be real, any sort of list in general. Getting out some cute stationary and writing down all the things that I want to accomplish for that day really puts things into perspective. I write everything down including small random things like make my bed (I am the type of person to write down things I’ve already done just so I can get the satisfaction of checking it off), eat a healthy breakfast ect. This will layout my day ahead of time, so I can see what I need to do, and then get ‘rewarded’ by crossing things off as I do them. There’s something so satisfying about crossing things off a list and that alone will already motivate me to complete the other items on my list.


    Hopefully by now I’ve gotten the motivation that I need to continue on with my day, if not, an extra boost of inspiration always does the trick. I’m someone that my room reflects how my life is going at the time. This means that cleaning my room or just spending a couple of minutes tidying it up does wonders for my mind. Putting on an inspirational/empowering podcast while spending the time and cleaning my room, doing laundry, or anything else that needs to be done is a match made in motivational heaven! I’ve been listening to Girlboss by Sophia Amouruso. Not only is this podcast just really entertaining, but each episode she talks to a different successful woman about how they got to where they are today and all the hard work they had to do, which gives me an instant boost of motivation to accomplish the things that I need to do for that day.

Comment down below how you keep yourself motivated or get motivation!

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