How To Pack Smart

Now that it’s summer, it’s the perfect time to travel. I’ve always been the type of person that packs for a trip a week or even two before leaving. I just hate the idea of forgetting anything. However, it’s very (emphasis on the very) easy to over pack or become overwhelmed with packing. Down below I’ve included  tips and tricks, from my experience, that have helped me become a better packer.

  1. Decide how much luggage you want/are able to bring

    The first thing I do is check my baggage allowance. Each flight and airline is different. For example, my flight from the Montreal, Canada to Sydney, Australia allowed me 2 checked bags. Since I was going to be in Australia for 6 months, I decided to utilize the 2 checked bags. However, if you’re only traveling for a month or less, I would say 1 checked bag or just a couple of carry-on bags, is the way to go.

  2. Check your Itinerary

    Are you moving around constantly or are you staying in one place during your trip? This could determine not only how much luggage you’ll pack, but what type of luggage you’re going to use to pack with, (backpack vs suitcase, duffel bag, hand bag ect). If you’re moving from location to location, packing less, with smaller bags, will be easier.

  3. Check the Weather

    I find that the weather iPhone app is never truly accurate. However, if you can check the average temperatures of your destination, you’ll get a general idea on what the weather is like there that time of year. Websites like allow you to check the weather for a 10-day forecast, which might be useful if you’re traveling for a short period of time. Even if the weather is supposed to be 90 degrees and sunny that time of year, I always make sure I’m prepared for some cooler weather and rain with some type of light jacket with a hood and a pair of pants.

  4. Make a list

    Once you have checked with the airline and your itinerary on how much luggage you’re going to bring, it’s time to make a list. Making a list will keep you on track on how much you’re bringing. I like to go through my everyday routine and write down what I use or need throughout the day, so I make sure I don’t forget anything that I use on a everyday basis.

    If you’re planning on studying abroad, check out my Ultimate Study Abroad Packing list for a list of everything you need while you’re overseas!

  5. Keep Your Valuables with You

    I’ve personally have never had my checked luggage lost before (it’s been delayed..but never lost). I have however, heard horror stories of people’s checked bags that are either lost, items stolen, or destroyed. Keeping valuables such as electronics, expensive jewelry or any items with sentimental value in your carry-on bag,  will ensure that the items will arrive with you to your destination.

  6. Put Heavier Items in You Carry-ons

    Out of habit, this is always something I do, even when my checked bag is nowhere near the weight limit. Putting heavier items like shoes or books or anything with some weight in your carry on will help make sure your checked bag is always under weight.

     I know some airlines have weight limits for carry-on bags (so don’t go crazy with it!), but I’ve personally have never had a problem, nor have I ever had my carry-on suitcase get weighed.

  7. Use Reusable Travel Bottles

    There is no need to bring full size products when there are so many great, inexpensive reusable travel bottles. In the US and in some other countries, you’re only allowed one quart size bag full of liquids 3 oz or less. Re-useable travel bottles allow you to bring your favorite, everyday products along with you on your trip. Even if you’re checking your liquids, I tend to still use these tubes incase something spills, you won’t waste a full-size bottle.

  8. Ensure That Your Liquids Won’t Spill

    Along with my last tip, I’ve had so many of my liquid items break or spill while traveling. It took me a while to learn, but individually wrapping your items in plastic bags will help keep your liquids separate and if one was to spill, it won’t get all over your other products and clothing.

With adapting these tips when packing, I feel like I have a pretty good idea on how to pack smart. Let me know if you have any tips or tricks when it comes to packing and comment down below!!

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