July Favorites

The month of July was such an exciting and fun month. I celebrated my 21st birthday on July 18th, the most perfect way possible, surrounded by elephants in Bali! Which leads me to my first favorite of the month, Bali, Indonesia.


My Boyfriend and I took a trip to Bali in the middle of July. It’s somewhere that I’ve always wanted to go and since we were already in Australia, it’s a lot more convenient and cheaper to fly to Bali from Australia than from America. I have so many blog posts and travel guides coming soon about our trip and all the amazing things we did, but what I can say is that I had an amazing time and I can’t wait to go back!

My Birthday

Along with Bali, my 21st birthday obviously has to be a favorite. Being in Australia for the last 6 months, where the drinking age is 18, turning 21 didn’t really seem like such a big deal. Which is probably why I didn’t feel the need to go all out and hit up as many clubs as possible. However, I’m excited for when I come back to America and I’m able to go out with my friends and enjoy all the margaritas my heart desires when hitting up our favorite taco joint!

Pinterest Recipes

I’ve been obsessed with Pinterest for some time now. Both my Boyfriend and I really like to cook and love trying new recipes. Recently we’ve tried some awesome recipes on Pinterest which I’ve included below in my dinner Pinterest board! The Garlic Parmesan Chicken and Potatoes was our latest recipes and it turned out pretty great!


Podcasts is also something that I’ve been loving for quite a while. I honestly didn’t think I would enjoy podcasts for some reason, but they’re actually really entertaining and pass the time very quickly. My favorite podcasts include Serial, GirlBoss, and most recently Shane and Friends!

July was such a great month and I’m sad that it’s over with, especially since that means that my time in Australia is coming to an end (for the time being), and I’ll be heading back to America (I’m obviously excited to see my friends and family), and starting up my semester back at my home university in a short couple of weeks.

What were your favorites this month? Comment them down below!

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