Pancakes and Pajamas: A Surprise Birthday Brunch

Pancakes and Pajamas Birthday Brunch Party

This month, my roommates and I got to celebrate my roommates 21st birthday. She was the last of our friends to turn 21 and after hosting my wine night, I got the party hosting bug! After browsing on Pinterest, I got the idea that I wanted to throw her a surprise party for her birthday!

My roommate, Francesca, who has a blog herself, (Life According to Francesca), and also one of the people who inspired me to start my blog, is obsessed with all things brunch. This gave me the idea to throw her a surprise birthday brunch party! There are tons of great brunch parties on Pinterest that I fell in love with, but I especially fell in love with the Pancakes and Pajamas theme.





Invitations & Organizing

Putting the party together was super fun and pretty easy. I made a Facebook group, as I did for my wine night because that worked really well. I made the group a month before since I know all my friends and I have crazy, busy schedules, and I wanted people to be able to plan ahead for this party. I was able to see who was attending, maybe attending, unable to attend, and also update guests on when they should arrive or anything they should bring throughout the month leading up to the party. Since her birthday was on a Monday, the Sunday before, was the perfect time to host the party, it went along with the “Sunday brunch” theme, but also it was before her birthday so she didn’t suspect a thing.

The day of the party, my roommate took her to Target to do their usual grocery run and my roommate and I, along with other friends, help set decorations and cook everything within an hour and a half.

Food and Decorations

Birthday Brunch Party img_3659img_3674

For food and decorations, I tried to keep it simple and relatively inexpensive. I raided the Target Dollar Section for the birthday decorations and got food from Aldi. Since we only had about 10-15 people coming I did simple recipes that produced a lot. Pancakes were obviously a must, cinnamon rolls were a great, simple addition, along with some roasted potatoes, fruit, a bagel platter, and then egg cups with a combination of bacon, veggies, and cheese.

Mimosa Bar

Mimosa Bar for Brunch Party The most important part of the brunch party was the mimosa bar. Since it was a celebration for her 21st birthday, champagne was a must! I once again got a lot of inspiration from Pinterest and put my own flare on it! I picked up a combination of sparkling cider, champagne, and seltzer water for the bubbly. I also picked up fruit juice and fresh fruit for the juice and topping. I love how it turned out and everyone seemed to really enjoy it as well!

Activities and Games

For activities, we kept it simple, we ate, chatted, played Cards Against Humanities, and then took some group photos by the backdrop. I’m really proud on how the party came out and everyone had a great time!


I hope this post gives you inspiration on how to throw a brunch birthday party or a brunch party in general for your friends. Feel free to check out my Pinterest Board that I made for this party! A brunch party is something that I would definitely like the do again and has got me excited for my next party I host!

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