How to Start Off The Semester Right

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I find that how I start off the semester, really determines how the rest of it’s going to go. To set myself up for success, there are a few things I like to do before the semester starts to get myself back on track. Not going to lie, getting into the groove for this semester is hard. After returning from Australia, being extremely jet lagged and bitter about the cold, finding motivation was very hard. However, since I know doing these things really help start off my semester, I made sure to do them. I hope these tips help you too and start off your semester on the right track.

Print Out Your Schedule and Know Where Your Class Are

Knowing your classes and where their locations are, is key. If you feel like you know where your classrooms are then there is no need to scope them out beforehand. Just make sure, you leave an extra 15 minutes or so incase you’re wrong. If you have no idea, I reccomend going earlier or if you find yourself on campus before that class, looking for the classroom beforehand really puts your mind on ease.

Printing out your schedule is obviously important. I reccomend putting it in your planner and carrying around a paper copy for the first week incase you forget the room number or class time.

Download the Syllabus

Most schools use Blackboard, an online system to get all your class information, readings, and where you can submit work. Most classes put their syllabuses online before class even starts. I like to download the syllabus and fill out my planner with any important dates. This way I have everything written down already and I won’t forget any important dates throughout the semester.

School Supplies

Probably the most exciting part of a new semester is getting new school supplies. I personally think Target has the cutest and most affordable school supplies. I like to make sure to get cute stationary, calendars, notebooks etc. that will inspire me to continue being organized  throughout the semester and look forward to using them.

A Good Planner is Key

Planners are essential for staying on top of everything. I have an Erin Condren Planner and I can’t say enough good things about it. Having a planner and writing stuff down is essential to staying organized and making sure you have assignments done on time.

Create a Schedule

If you’re someone like me, having a schedule puts your mind at ease. I like to have a general idea of how my semester is going to go, in all aspects, not just in class. I like to look at workout classes ahead of time and see when I can fit those in, have my work schedule planned, and anything else such as internships or extracurricular activities.

Clean Up Your Space

Some people like spring cleaning, but I like to make sure my space is clean at the beginning of the semester. I make sure to have all my laundry done, clean sheets, organize the apartment and just deep clean my space. This just takes away the stress of a messy apartment and I definitely don’t need any more stress being added going back to school.

I hope you find all of these tips helpful. I know they really help me start of the semester off right and stay on track for the rest of the semester. Let me know in the comments down below what you do to make sure you start off your semester right!

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