Top Essentials for Long Flights

You could say, I’m not the biggest fan of flying. When it comes to long flights , there’s certain things that I need to survive, especially if I’m flying alone. Below I’ve included my top 10 necessities for a long (or short) flight.  

  1. Eye Mask

    Whenever I’m traveling, I have to have my eye mask. It allows me to fall asleep in any situation, in day light or in complete darkness. Eye masks are so important when flying, especially for long flights because you never know if the person next to you will have their window open or reading light throughout the flight.

  2. Sleeping Aid Pills

    If you choose to use sleeping aid pills, I recommend Zzzquil. I find that this just helps me fall asleep quicker, and stay asleep longer (makes long flights go by so much faster). However I recommend that you take the pills a couple of times before you fly so you know how the pills will affect you and you don’t have a bad first reaction 25,000 feet in the air! 

    As most international flights, alcohol will be served. I tend to skip this all together for many reasons, but also because it’s a horrible idea to mix sleeping pills with alcohol. 

  3. Water Bottle

    Flight attendants give you a lot of water on the flight but I find that it’s still not enough. Being hydrated is key to not feeling so crappy when you’re on the flight and when you get off. Bringing a reusable water bottle (or purchasing a disposable one right before your flight) and filling it up with water, gives you the extra comfort of having water and not just relying on whenever the drink cart comes around. Plus it’s always great to have a water bottle with you on the rest of your trip! 

  4. Face Wash/ Cleansing Water/ Micellar Water

    I like to take a travel size bottle of my face wash so that I’m able to keep my skin feeling fresh and clean. I always wash my face in the morning and night. With a 15 hour flight, I’m going to need to wash my face at least once during the trip. With all the stuffy air, it’s important to cleanse your skin to help get the dirty air out of it. 

    •  If I don’t have time to wash my face (or more likely, can’t be bothered) or I’ve already washed my face once on the flight and still feel like I need an extra cleanse, micellar water is my go-to. All I need is the water and a cotton pad and I instantly feel so much better and cleaner. 
  5. Tooth brush and Tooth Paste

    This is self-explanatory. Especially in long flights, you should still remember to brush your teeth. Not only is it important for personal hygiene, but I find that even though I can’t take a shower when flying, a simple step like brushing my teeth makes me feel a little bit cleaner and makes the flight a little bit more comfortable. 

  6. Moisturizer

    Flying really dries out your skin, and I don’t know about you guys, but after long flights especially, even my oily skin feels dry like the Sahara Desert. Constant Moisturization to both my face and body (especially hands) is key to staying comfortable and my skin feeling hydrated. A moisturizer that can be used on both my face and body is great for multipurpose use and a space saver. My top face and body moisturizers include, Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Light Moisturizer, First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration, and Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream desk-technology-music-white

  7. Headphones

    Headphones are an obvious no-brainer when it comes to traveling. Not only do I use my headphones to listen to music, watch movies, but I sometimes just leave them in to cancel out any noise. I’m a fan of my in-ear Skull Candy Headphones, but I find that after a while, my ears start to hurt if they’ve been in for too long, which is why I switch on and off from those and my Beats Solo Headphonesflying-people-sitting-public-transportation

  8. Hand Sanitizer

    Planes are obviously full of germs. I always make sure that wherever I go (regardless of traveling) I always have a mini hand sanitizer with me. I personally love the Fresh Market Apple Scent from Bath and Body Works, but just any basic unscented hand sanitizer will do!
    Sanitizer wipes are also really nice to wipe down your seat and tray table since you’ll be spending so much time there.

  9. A Book, Magazine or Adult Coloring Book

    I personally don’t find myself reading as much on trips (mostly because I haven’t found any books recently that interest me… if you have any suggestions leave them in the comments down below!!), but also because I’ve become obsessed with my adult coloring book. If you haven’t gotten on the coloring book craze yet, you really need to! Not only are you able to make pretty impressive artwork, but coloring is time-consuming and very soothing as well which makes it perfect for those long, dreadful flights.

  10. Blanket Scarf 

    Blanket scarfs are seriously one of my favorite things in fashion. Not only are these scarfs really fashionable, but they’re very practical as well. I personally wear my scarf when I board the flight and throughout the span of my journey, my scarf goes from a scarf to a blanket, to a pillow, and also use it to block out any light and cover my face. You can find blanket scarfs from pretty much anywhere. I personally love mine that I got last Fall at Forever 21. 


Long flights are never fun but this small list of things really help me get through them.  If I didn’t have any of these items, I’m sure I would go a little stir-crazy. Comment and let me know down below what your necessities are for a long flight or any flight in general!

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