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Welcome to Our Wandering Mind! Throughout my blog you’ll find posts from different aspects of my life such as beauty, travel, and lifestyle.

With beauty, you’ll find anything from fashion trends and products I’m loving (or hating) at the moment, along with product reviews, trying out different products from different countries, outfit of the days, and any other tips or tricks I’ve gathered along the way!

I’m currently studying abroad in Australia, which may make traveling my favorite aspect about my blog at the moment! There are so many new experiences and places that I’m able to have everyday during this semester. Besides studying abroad, I also have the dream of traveling the world. I can’t wait to record all my experiences I have along the way on this platform.

Lastly, the lifestyle aspect of my blog will focus on anything to do with life! Since I am a Junior in college, I’d like to think I have some knowledge on how to survive college, stay organized, and have accumulated important information that you should know if you’re interested in studying abroad. I also have interests in cooking/ food in general that will pop up on here every now and again!

I hope you guys find that my blog is not only interesting, but you can get something out of it as well. Whether that be me helping you plan what to do on your next trip or an awesome, easy recipe I’ve stumbled upon!

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