How to Stay Motivated While Studying

Last week, I did a blog post on how to How to Take Finals Week on Like a Boss, which I reccomend checking out if you’re currently going through, or about to go through finals week. In that post, I talked about different tips I have accumulated throughout the years that have really helped me do my best during finals week, especially when it comes to planning and studying.

The key aspect of preparing for finals is studying. Studying will make or break how you do on finals and it’s also something that is really personal. What might work for one person, may not work for another. There are a lot of different techniques to studying, so it’s easy to find what works best for you. However, what I find the most challenging part of finals week is finding the actual motivation to study the material.

I’ve also done a blog post on How to Instantly Get Motivated when it comes to anything, however, studying for hours, something that’s not always fun, takes a different level of motivation, which is why I thought that this post is the perfect post to write about this week as I’m going through finals week and struggling to find the motivation to study. Check out my tips for finding the motivation to study down below!

Study With Friends

Studying with friends makes studying a more sociable activity instead of a super boring one. When I study with friends, it helps me learn the information better by discuss the main points with someone out loud, but it’s also great because if either of you have questions, you can hopefully help each other out!

If I don’t have classes with any of my friends, I still like go to to the library or study with them. Even if we’re working on different things, having a friend nearby or someone to talk to every now and then, really makes the whole studying thing a lot less awful.


If you’re studying material that needs undivided attention, I don’t reccomend this tip. However, for me, part of the way I study is creating study guides and flashcards. Both tasks are extremely tedious and can get incredibly boring. Especially around this time of year, watching holiday movies with my friends while creating my study guides or writing my flashcards, helps me get it done without making me feel like I’m studying or working on school work.

Get Out of Your Usual Environment

I don’t know about you, but when I’m in my bedroom or even apartment, it’s incredibly hard to focus and find the motivation to study. My apartment and especially my bedroom is somewhere where I associate with eating, sleeping, relaxing, and watching Netflix. So naturally when I’m in that environment that’s what I want to do. Going to a study room in your dorm or apartment, the library or a coffee shop, is a great way to get out of your usual environment and focus on just studying.

Create A Study Playlist

I’m someone that has to have background music on while studying. However, listening to music that I know while studying does not work for me. I get distracted way too easily. What I like to do is listen to a few different playlists on Spotify such as Relax & Unwind, Your Favorite Coffee House, or if I don’t want music with any words at all Calm Vibes is the way to go. I highly reccomend checking out these playlists if you need background music while studying like I do.

Take a Break

I cannot reccomend taking breaks enough! Taking a break refreshes your brain and helps you avoid getting stir crazy, which helps you stay focus when you’re actually studying. However, with studying specifically, I like to reward myself. Say I study for an hour, I get to go get a coffee or after I finish my study guide, I can watch an episode of How to Get Away with Murder. This reward system gives me an incentive to really get my work done.

I hope these tips for studying really help you during finals week like I find they help me. If you need more tips and inspiration on how to stay motivated make sure to check out my post How to Instantly Get Motivated. If you have any tips yourself on how to stay motivated while studying make sure to comment them down below!

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