Trends I’m Loving For Summer

There are currently some awesome styles that are really popular at the moment. Below I’ve included 4 of my top favorite trends at the moment that are perfect for summer and the best part…affordable! Feel free to view the items and if you want more information about where the item is from, just click on the picture!


I’m so excited that bodysuits are available at a wide selection of stores now. They’re perfect for tucking into skirts or any type of bottom! 

All White

My go-to outfit for Autumn, Winter, and basically anytime of the year is all-black. I just love how chic and put together it looks. However, I’m obsessed with all white outfits at the moment. I think that they look so fresh and clean and perfect in the summer with a nice tan (which I almost never have)!


I have yet to try out this trend, but I think it’s so fun. I’m really loving bodycon dresses with a choker, it just adds so much to the overall outfit and a little unexpected. Obsessed!

Strappy/ Lace up

This has to be my favorite trend currently. It’s so versatile and I’m loving everything from strappy shoes to dresses and bralettes! I think it gives an edgy, sexy look but can be dressed up or down!


I personally think there’s a lot of awesome styles that are really trendy right now! What are some of your favorite trends at the moment? Comment them down below and let me know!

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