9 Things You Should Always Do Before Traveling

9 Things You Should Always Do Before Traveling

I absolutely love traveling. I love being able to take a break from work, school, and life at home, and be able to explore a new place. However, to really relax when I’m away, there are 9 things that I make sure that I always do before traveling. This list will make sure your trip goes smoothly before, and after you leave.

Take Out The Trash

No one wants to come back home to find bugs or a stinky house. Taking out the trash is essential before leaving for a trip. Make sure to get the trash from all parts of your space; your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, office etc.

Clean Out The Fridge

Along with the trash, you don’t want to find moldy food when you return. Cleaning out your fridge before you leave will hopefully make sure you don’t find bugs, moldy food, or a rotten smell you return.

Leave an Emergency Contact Info Sheet/ Travel Itinerary

This is something that my Mom used to always request whenever I went somewhere, but it’s something she would also do when traveling alone or for family trips. I’ve attached a PDF to this post where you can download, fill it out, and leave it for any friends or family members. Having this sheet is really nice to have if anyone needs to get in touch with you due to an emergency or just knowing where you’ll be traveling or staying and when.

Download your Itinerary Sheet here: traveling itinerary

Unplug Everything

I’ve learned this the hard way. If there’s a lightning storm happens, it can ruin your electronics if they’re plugged in. Also since you’re away, there’s no need for you to be using electricity. Unplugging everything just saves you money and can prevent anything electrically bad from happening while you’re away.

Laundry and Clean The House

Nothing is more satisfying than when coming home from a trip and having a clean house, a bed that’s made, and no additional laundry to do. Chances are after traveling all day, whether that be flying or driving, the last thing you want to do is clean and with unpacking everything, you definitely don’t want any additional cleaning to do. Taking the time to clean everything before leaving is definitely worth it and it’s something that I always make sure to do before traveling anywhere!

Charge Electronics

This is a no brainer. Make sure to have your phone charged, your laptop charged, and any other electronics you bring charged before traveling, especially if you’re flying. Although international flights tend to have outlets, you never know if the one by your seat will actually work or not (my last flight back from Australia, my outlet didn’t work, luckily I charge everything beforehand).

Take Care of Plants

If you have pets, you’ve probably arranged for someone to take care of them if you’re not bringing them along on your travels (or at least I hope so!). With plants, although they’re living, they’re easy to forget about. You don’t want to come home to a bunch of dead plants. Make sure you deliver them to someone’s house to water them or have someone stop by your house when you’re gone if it’s for a longer period of time.

Notify Your Bank 

I could not imagine going to the ATM and having my card declined and not being able to take out any money on my travels. I’ve heard horror stories and especially if you’re going overseas and can’t call up your bank immediately, make sure to notify your bank of your final destination and any airports your stopping in or any other stops you might be for, for more than a couple of hours. 

Pay Off Credit Card

I personally only have a credit card that has a $200 limit. I really like to pay off that card so I have the peace of mind of not having to make payments when I’m away and knowing that I have that comfort of being able to charge at least $200 on that card if I need to when traveling.

I hope you found this list of 9 things you should always do before traveling helpful. I know that doing this list really make my trip a lot more relaxing and enjoyable! What do you always have to do before traveling? Let me know in the comments down below!

9 Things You Need to Do Before Traveling

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